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Use IVF Clinic Waitlist Time to Your Advantage - Preparing for IVF

May 13, 2016

When patients book in to see me at the clinic, the initial appointment takes a little extra time. We go over labs results, talk about symptoms, and draw up a treatment plan together. Often I find that their doctors have referred them to a fertility clinic, but they’re waiting to hear back. When they do finally get the phone call, their initial appointment is months away, leaving couples feeling helpless and frustrated, wanting to know what they can do to help themselves in the meantime. As painful as that 3 month wait is, it turns out it’s exactly what you need to prepare your body and increase your chances of success with assisted reproductive technologies.

Discounted IVF In Canada Using INVOcell Technology

May 12, 2016

A clinic in Calgary is looking for 100 founder patients to pay a discounted rate of $4,000 for this new low cost modified IVF cycle. Patient fee's will be raised to $6,500 once the clinic is up and running.

Fertility Tips on Vancouver's Breakfast TV

Apr 28, 2016

Jill Blakeway, author of Making Babies, was on Breakfast TV.  Jill is visiting Vancouver for the Integrative Fertility Symposium (IFS) from April 28th to May 1st where she is giving the keynote lecture. 

A special thank you to my clinic, Acubalance, for organizing the IFS.    

CKNW Sunday Night Sex Show talks fertility

Apr 25, 2016

I was on an adult-only radio show hosted by Maureen McGrath. The CKNW Sunday Night Sex Show.


Apr 19, 2016



Apr 08, 2016

Earlier this month, the Human Rights Tribunal in Ontario made a significant ruling. Winnie Muo, after suffering a miscarriage followed by all the subsequent physical and emotional pain, was fired from her job. In the aftermath of the traumatic experience, she was unable to perform all the tasks necessary of her job, say the employer. It is hoped, however, that this ruling by the Tribunal may bring miscarriage out of the realm of silence and shame, and spark a much-needed conversation about women’s health and reproductive rights in Canada.

Phase 4 - What You Can Do During the Two Week Wait to Improve Your Fertility

Apr 08, 2016
The luteal phase is also known as your pre-menstrual phase or more commonly the The Two Week Wait! This 4th phase is a long 12-14 days where women who have been trying to conceive often feel every twinge, pang and twang thinking it possibly can be implantation.  

Phase 3 - What You Can Do To Help Ovulation and Boost Fertility

Apr 06, 2016

This is the magical phase of a cycle where an egg is released from the ovary and if present, sperm will penetrate the egg to create an embryo. All of this happens in or around the Ovaries and fallopian tubes, not within the uterus. 

Top 6 Reasons You Need Your B Vitamins

Apr 05, 2016


The Hormone-Friendly B Vitamin 70-90% Of Us Are Deficient In