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Acubalance Founders Message

Nov 08, 2014

I founded Acubalance in 2001 with the dream of creating a wellness center that focuses on patient-centered care where we educate and empower every patient to engage his or her own body’s innate healing ability.

We quickly became known by 2004 as pioneering integrative fertility care in Vancouver BC.

Autumn Cleanse

Nov 08, 2014

After a summer of fun and indulgence, I’ve embarked on yet another cleanse.

The Last Week of Mediclear, We are Almost There!

Nov 08, 2014

For those of you who are following the Mediclear program ....  Week two has been completed! for many, the second week without animal protein can be very difficult. I have found in the past that I get a little more fatigued and weak during this 2nd week. I crave and dream about having meat! I hope you all did well last week with less cravings than I.  

Ending the Frustration With Endometriosis

Nov 08, 2014

Many endometriosis patients show up to our clinic feeling frustrated about dealing with their periods – their menses have been extremely heavy and painful for years, they’re anemic, they’re tired, their medical doctor just wants to do surgery and put them on the Pill, and they can’t get pregnant. We hear you!

The Sober October Challenge

Nov 08, 2014

The other day my patient told me about a challenge he and his wife do every October. It’s called Sober October and well…. it’s exactly as it sounds, no alcohol for the month of October.

Feeling Great After just 7 Days on Mediclear Cleanse

Nov 08, 2014
With the first week of the Mediclear program under our belt, the team here at Acubalance and I are past the withdrawal phase and into the feel good phase!
I usually find that the first week of the program is tough for 2 reasons: 

Georgia Straight Best of vancouver 2014 Acupuncture

Nov 08, 2014

Thank you! I really appreciate your confidence by voting Acubalance in for the 8th  year for Best of Vancouver. This year we placed #1 as The Best Acupuncturists. 


Avoiding One Single Dietary Factor Could Resolve Your Pre-menstrual Breast Pain

Nov 08, 2014

Before getting your period, do you experience changes in the texture, fullness and sensation in your breasts?  You are experiencing something called cyclical fibrocystic breast changes, a very common benign breast condition also called cystic mastitis or mammary dysplasia.  Women with fibrocystic changes have excessively ‘lumpy’ breasts and often experience tenderness or even pain at different times