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8 reasons to be excited

May 14, 2017


I have some exciting news that can help you cultivate peace of mind and optimal health!  

The Rules Do Not Apply

May 13, 2017

Yesterday, I pulled up in front of my home, but couldn’t get out of the car because I didn’t want to miss the end of an interview with Ariel Levy, author of “The Rules Do Not Apply” on CBC Radio. Her book is a memoir about how her life was changed forever when she went into labour at 19 weeks, alone in a Mongolian hotel room.

Don't Loose These 3 Opportunities When Going Through Infertility

May 11, 2017
Going through infertility can be one of the most unpleasant experiences someone can go through.  Fortunately there are a few positive things that can be gained while going through this process.  If you are able to look at this as a "glass half full" you will find a few opportunities in the infertility journey.  

Famous Infertility- why it matters to hear that celebrities struggle to conceive.

May 10, 2017

It's hard to relate to celebrities. The lavish parties, the expensive clothes and jewelry, insane private island getaways, cleaners, cooks, chauffeurs, the list goes on. And yet, naturally, we look for ways that 'the stars' are just like us.

The Wood Element: Springtime is the Season of Renewal and Growth

May 08, 2017

After the depth, introspection and hibernation of Winter, Spring is always a welcome sight. Especially so in Vancouver this year after an uncharacteristically harsh and long winter.

How to Begin a Meditation Practice

May 07, 2017

We've all heard meditation is good for you. Studies show that a mindful meditation practice can help ease psycholgocal stresses like anxiety, depression, pain, and dozens of other health conditions. Meditation is also one of those common life hacks advocated by some of the most successful people in the world. But easier said than done, right?

Is Your Fertility Journey Stressful and Overwhelming?

May 05, 2017

Are you finding the stress and emotions of your fertility journey difficult and overwhelming?

My New Favourite Recipe

May 05, 2017

My usual complement of spring recipes have not made it into the weekly rotation yet this year. Given the late arrival of the blossoms (and my soggy commute) I have not felt inspired to retire my conventional oven for the season. As a result, I got creative with some root vegetables the other day, and was so deeply satisfied, I’m compelled to share it with you. If you like warm, nourishing comfort food for a cool spring evening, this is the dish for you. I don’t have a name for it, but it’s working title is “that shaved veggie thing with the topping that I like so much”. Think of it like the delicious love child of moussaka and Sheppard's pie.

Are You Exhausted? You Might Be Suffering From Empty Cup Syndrome

May 01, 2017

Sometimes patterns emerge in my acupuncture practice. Some weeks, it feels like everyone coming in has shoulder pain. Sometimes it is insomnia. This week was “Empty Cup Syndrome” week. The theme of the week has been: “I am exhausted. And I feel like my time and energy are not my own. I don’t feel like myself anymore.”

Cupping Revisited

Apr 28, 2017

Once again, the traditional treatment modality of cupping has cycled its way back into vogue thanks to a recent sighting of Justin Trudeau’s forearms. The rest of his torso was suspiciously concealed, but since shirtsleeves are optional, we were hosted to a landscape of perfectly circular bruises. So now the media’s talking about cupping again, and it may be time to review its benefits, uses, and effects.