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Inflammation and its Role in Disease

Nov 29, 2016

Often enough, when I ask my patients what their diet is like, they respond with “Not bad. I try to eat healthy”, as if that was the beginning and the end of the conversation, and the intention to eat well can somehow sub in for the actual eating of healthful foods. Alas, the conversation has only just begun, and the key element, in my opinion, is inflammation.

Acupuncture, How Much Is Enough To Get The Results You Need?

Nov 24, 2016

We are always finding the balance in life between not enough and too much! I need more sleep but probably ate too much over the weekend. I need to exercise more and spend less time on my computer! With Acupuncture, studies are finding more IS better for your fertility!

10 foods to avoid in pregnancy

Nov 22, 2016

Food-borne illnesses can be unpleasant at the best of times, but especially dangerous to the developing baby during pregnancy.  Going on-line to figure out what foods you can and cannot eat during pregnancy can often be confusing and anxiety inducing.

Recipe: Whole Roasted Sesame Cauliflower

Nov 22, 2016

We have staff lunches fairly often at Acubalance, at least once a month, to discuss the goings-on of the clinic – we talk about what’s working, what’s not, specific patient cases, directions for the practice, and we often also celebrate achievements and birthdays. Yesterday was one such lunch, and we were all treated to a healthy spread of salads, hummus, and roasted cauliflower. I absolutely love to roast veggies in the fall and winter.

Double Your Sperm Concentration and Increase Motility 4x, a Case Study

Nov 17, 2016

Many of us working in the fertility field see it time and time again. Most men are not optimizing their chances of achieving a healthy pregnancy with their partners.  It's generally not their lack of willingness, it's lack of knowledge of what can improve male fertility.


Nov 15, 2016

Reaching out to the world community.

The Forgotten Pillar

Nov 03, 2016

When supporting my patients through their fertility journey, I tend to prioritize the major health pillars of diet, exercise, treatment and medicines (such as herbs and supplements). However, there is one last oft-neglected area to consider, namely, the use of household and cosmetic products.

Feeling overwhelmed; 5 Steps to reclaim your life and fertility Part 2

Nov 02, 2016

In part one I discussed how to recognize and identify the root cause(s) of feeling overwhelmed, including the 3 things that lead to feeling overwhelmed:

3rd Times the Charm, Treating Complete Placenta Previa Naturally

Nov 02, 2016

When something happens once it's called a "one off", if it happens twice maybe it's "lucky", but when it happens for a third time in a row it is now a successful pattern!

Preventing Allergies: 4 Keys To Building A Healthy Immune System

Nov 01, 2016

Something interesting happens at the clinic when one of our patients has a baby – more often than you’d think, we hear about babe’s arrival (yay!) and shortly after, life changes so drastically that we don’t often hear from them again for a little while. And for good reason! We helped them achieve their goal of ‘healthy baby,’ and now life revolves around caring for this beautiful little human. Often, the next time I’ll hear from a new Mum or Dad, is when it comes time to consider introducing solid food – and how to do so properly to prevent reactions and maximize current and future health.