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Laser Therapy for Neck Pain

Jun 16, 2017

Neck pain is the second most commonly reported type of pain at the doctor’s office. At any given time, approximately 10% of the entire population has neck pain, and 14% of adults have recurrent or chronic neck pain.

Laser Baby Program for Fertility FAQ

Jun 14, 2017


 I want to share with you the most common questions we have received since officially launching the Laser Baby Program in June.   These are the top 7 FAQ.  I will be sure to update the FAQ list on the Laser Baby Program page with more questions in the future.   So please check there for more details and to see if more have been added.


Pregnancy supplements 101

Jun 12, 2017

There seems to be a polarized debate on supplements these days. I feel like every week I read an article talking about how supplements failed to do what they claimed they would do, but then supplementation is still highly recommended in many conditions. Add a pregnancy to this debate and things get even more heated, and confusing.

Laser Therapy Effects on Joint Pain and Inflammation

Jun 12, 2017

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is a non-invasive, pain-free, light-based therapy that uses red and infrared light to target inflamed, injured and diseased tissues. It is especially great for reducing inflammation, pain, and edema in damaged joints. LLLT does this by inducing an analgesic effect by disrupting axonal transport in small diameter fibers.

Fertility Superfoods: Hummus Where the Heart Is

Jun 09, 2017

Hummus has always been a spring/summertime comfort food to me. And I had no idea how easy it was to make until recently!

Laser Acupuncture for Fertility and IVF Questions and Answers

Jun 09, 2017


I had the opportunity to chat with over 40 women during the past week about the Acubalance Laser Baby Program and in general how Acubalance is using low level laser therapy (LLLT/Laser acupuncture) with fertility patients.

The Science and Gratitude of Tears

Jun 08, 2017

A few months ago marked my 10 year anniversary specializing in fertility medicine at Acubalance. I have often been labelled lachrymose, which I feel both abashed and dignified about. I suppose it’s better then being called a sap. All to say, I cried a bit as I thought about the people I’ve come to know and had the honour of working with over the past decade. The stories, the peaks, the valleys, the varying landscapes, all of which I am deeply grateful to be a part of.

PCOS, Eczema and IBS - Case Study Report

Jun 08, 2017

Although we focus much of our treatments for fertility we rarely only treat reproductive health. Almost all of our patients have problems in other areas of their health which generally improve while we treat their fertility. A healthy body usually means optimal fertility!

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) for Headache and Migraine Relief

Jun 07, 2017

You may have heard low level laser therapy (LLLT), or cold laser therapy, to be an effective treatment for pain, skin conditions, and even fertility, however new studies conducted in the past few years have concluded it can also treat certain types of headaches.