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Sleep, Food and Exercise. Why You Need All 3 For Fertility Success

Jan 13, 2017

Life is busy and I don't really know anyone who can easily keep the work life balance, BALANCED !

A New Kind of New Year’s Resolution

Jan 12, 2017

If you’re anything like me, even the word “cleanse” can make you run for the hills. The idea of going through the minutiae of my diet with a fine-toothed comb instantly makes me want cake. The new year inspires a certain extremism; sign up for tough-mudder; join a masters swim team; juice fasting; cross-fit; running group... the list goes on, driving a massive economy of physiotherapy as, one by one, all your friends injure themselves in the first week of January. So when I tell my patients “I think you should consider doing a cleanse”, I’m aware of the slow, rising anxiety and sugar cravings that instantly appear. However, when I say “cleanse”, I don’t mean fasting; I don’t mean swim the Burrard Inlet and stop eating; I mean a gentle, slow, gradual transition to whole foods.

The key to successful New Year’s resolutions: the big and the small

Jan 11, 2017

I don’t know about you, but 2016 was a whoozy of a year for me.  Of course, there were many beautiful things that happened too, but it stands out that we had a couple of very sad and unexpected losses in the family, and I think like many, I found myself startled by world events.

Is A Micronutrient Deficiency Causing Your Infertility?

Jan 11, 2017

We eat fairly healthy diets, watch alcohol, exercise regularly, don’t smoke. Is micronutrient deficiency causing your infertility?

Are you missing the holiday flavours, but not the gluttony? Have I got the soup recipe for you!!!

Jan 10, 2017

This soup is thanksgiving in a bowl. It brings me so much joy that I should probably revisit my relationship with food.


4 Tips To Improve Your Fertility in the New Year

Jan 03, 2017

January can be a depressing time as the craziness of the holidays comes to an end. The cold and dark rainy days seem to be endless and it's hard to get motivated to move forward. I wanted to talk about a few ways which can help you achieve your goals and get you closer to a healthy pregnancy.

3 Ways To Boost Fertility Over The Holidays

Dec 21, 2016

With the holidays here many of us are looking forward to hunkering down and getting some extra relaxation time and time visiting friends and family.  Many of us come back to our normal routines in the New Year a few pounds heavier feeling a little sluggish and possibly depressed. Sound Familiar?

What Guys are Doing That Damages Embryo Quality in IVF

Dec 16, 2016

Couples going through IVF understand that embryo quality plays a big part in a healthy pregnancies. Much of the research is on egg quality and how a womans eggs can be a determining factor for embryo quality. Little is mentioned about sperm quality relating to embryo quality.

4 Ways To Stay Positive During Infertility

Dec 07, 2016
Infertility has a way to make your self confidence plummet.  Months of trying to conceive can make a generally happy person become pessimistic believing their is no hope.  It's human nature to focus on the negative, it's ingrained in our genetics.  If there is an accident on the side of the road everyone slows down to look at the damage.  If there is a beautiful eveni

3 Reasons You Might Be Estrogen Deficient

Dec 06, 2016

Estrogen is an incredibly powerful hormone, with a number of important roles to play in both female and male endocrine systems.