Use IVF Clinic Waitlist Time to Your Advantage - Preparing for IVF

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When patients see me at Acubalance fertility acupuncture clinic, their initial appointment always takes a little extra time. We go over labs results, talk about symptoms, and draw up a treatment plan together. Often I find that their doctors have referred them to a fertility clinic, but they’re still waiting to hear back. When they do finally get the phone call, their initial appointment is months away, leaving couples feeling helpless and frustrated, wanting to know what they can do to help themselves in the meantime. As painful as that 3 month wait is, it turns out it’s exactly what you need to prepare your body and increase your chances of success with assisted reproductive technologies.

Preparing for IVF - Optimize the Environment with Acupucture, Supplements, TCM Herbs

Although you’ve had all of your eggs since before you were born, they are in an immature state and require a long process of maturation and development before being recruited and ovulated. The importance of this time can not be underestimated, as quality of the eggs is affected by the environment they do all of that maturing in. It is for this reason that the waiting list at Olive or PCRM is a blessing in disguise; now you have the gift of 3 months to optimize that environment, and thus your fertility, with acupuncture, supplements and Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs.

Here are a few of the recommendations I often give my new patients as ways to make use of this time preparing for IVF. Firstly, weekly acupuncture is the most important part. One of the things it is known to do is redirect blood flow to the ovaries and uterus through stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system. In addition, I always recommend some basic supplements to improve egg quality, which I went over in a previous blog. And, of course, I suggest some dietary changes, unique to you, that can have a profound impact on fertility and general health.

So why wait to start waiting? Make use of these precious months preparing for IVF and maximize your fertility potential with a preconception plan. If you have any questions, or need some direction, call the clinic and book your 15 minute free telephone consultation today.

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