Success Story: Laser for Fertility Offers Hope in the Face of Low AMH

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MS is a story that is as old as 21st century time. She was a determined and dedicated career woman who had made quite the name for herself in her field. As a young woman, she had fallen pregnant in her 20’s and decided that it was not the right time for her to be raising a child. She made the decision to terminate the pregnancy but as she grieved the child who was not meant to be at that time, she also held the invitation of another soul to join her when the time was right.


That time came when at 39-years old, she found success in her career and met the man with whom she wanted to create a family with. However, right when it felt like all the pieces were lining up for her, she received disappointing news from her doctor at a Vancouver Fertility Clinic. She had an Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) level of 0.08. The AMH test is used to determine ovarian reserve and assess if a patient is a good candidate for IVF. The average 39-year-old woman has an AMH of 0.8 and it was certainly disappointing for MS to hear that she was not a good candidate for Assisted Reproductive techniques (ART) like IVF based on her AMH. She was determined to not let the news deter her from her dreams of creating a family. That’s when she reached out to Acubalance for support with reaching her peak fertility potential.


On our first visit together, we discussed her treatment plan which included acupuncture treatments, a customized herbal formula, supplements, low level laser therapy for fertility and an appointment with Acubalance’s naturopath Dr. Kali. All this support was geared toward improving optimizing her fertility and egg quality. MS also understood that working on this goal of improving egg quality was not a one-way street. She did her part by continuing her exercise routine and eating healthy foods that aligned with the Acubalance Fertility Diet. It was easy to find myself cheering for MS.


All this effort paid off in just two months because she is now pregnant naturally!


I would love to support you on your own fertility journey. Whether you are preparing to start preparing for a family or currently in the process, the therapies that we utilize at Acubalance can offer hope in the face of low AMH numbers. Call Acubalance at 604-678-8600 to book your 15 minute phone consultation.

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