Laser Baby Pilot Project

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I am looking to accept about 30 women into the Acubalance Laser Baby Pilot Project.


I have brought back from Asia and Denmark a laser for fertility protocol.  I have spent over a year reviewing literature on lasers including using it for fertility, consulting with mitochondria experts and practitioners who use LLLT for fertility.  Plus  I consultd with four  manufactures of what I think are top Laser producers to help formulate the Acubalance laser protocol to help rejuvenate egg.  I have taken the best of these protocols and created  the frequency of treatments and approach to help enhance ATP (energy) of the egg cells, regulate inflammation and increase blood flow to the reproductive system.


The criteria to be accepted into our 3 month pilot project is one or more of the following:

  • Age 40+
  • FSH 10+
  • AMH 1.0 or lower
  • AFC = 6 or lower
  • one or more unsuccessful IVF cycles  (Diagnosed as poor responder or poor embryo quality)


It requires some additional testing (we are measuring bio-markers as  above and outcomes such as pregnancies and births).

We require need a 3-month commitment which entails treatment 3 times a week in follicular and 2 times a week in the luteal  phase for 3 months.  It is OK if you conceive during the 3months.  We actually encourage it :-)


We also offer laser in the clinic as well.  The pilot project provides a discount and more supervision from me.  But those who do not meet the criteria can still schedule laser with one of our Acubalance practitioners


If you want to be considered for the pilot project please contact acubalance at 604-678-8600 or   We will take down your information and follow up with you with more details.


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Contact Acubalance and ask about scheduling laser (LLLT) in combination with your acupuncture visits at 604-678-8600 or