Get Pregnant with this ONE WEIRD TRICK!

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How many times have you heard that? The only thing missing is the shaky banana icon to highlight the most ubiquitous nonsense that flashes across your screen all day long. Just to be clear, there really is no “one weird trick” for getting pregnant or anything else, including losing belly fat, lowering cholesterol or completing a marathon. But labouring under the tower of “alternative facts”, how do we sift out the truth?


I have two rules of thumb on this topic. First is the “too good to be true” idea; in my experience, anything worth doing, that will profoundly impact your health and life, is not going to be easy. (Be careful not to confuse ‘easy’ with ‘simple’, because good health-habits are often elegant in their simplicity.) For example when I guide my patients through a cleanse or transition to whole foods, I watch them struggle through headaches and emotional swings. Because these are major life changes they should shake you up a bit; that’s to be expected; it’s not easy. Making all your own food from scratch is a learned skill; it doesn’t come naturally, and it involves specialized knowledge that takes a long time and lots of effort to learn. Again, there is no “one weird trick”. Here’s an article I wrote last year that outlines the basics of how to adopt healthy dietary principles. Having said that, it’s worth the effort. Eating whole foods made from scratch may not be easy, but it is the closest thing out there to a panacea.



My second rule is information sourcing. As I always like to say, if you’re getting all your news from “The Tyee” or “The Rebel”, then don’t be surprised when you discover reality to be more nuanced. The same goes for health news. I often see websites, masquerading as reputable sources, that propagate false claims about everything from nutrition to cancer. This hoax from a few years ago is the perfect case in point. Always go to the source.



I know I promised only two rules, but as a footnote, another way through the mire of prattle online is to find a licensed practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine or Naturopathic medicine and develop a treatment plan together specific for you and your unique needs. Call Acubalannce to book a free 15 minute consultaion.