Fertility Superfoods: Booch Don't Kill My Vibe

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Kombucha, it's not just an expensive hipster drink. There are many benefits to this age-old fermented tea drink but I’m just going to focus in on two factors that directly contributes to fertility health.



Gut Microbiome Health

There is incredible research emerging about the importance of our gut microbiomes. Much of this research is consolidated into a great book called Missing Microbes by Dr. Martin Blaser.


In short, our bodies are naturally colonized by trillions and trillions of bacteria and we are each walking around with our own individual and fascinating ecosystems. In fact, bacterial cells outnumber our own cells 100:1. The research shows that a healthy microbiome in your gut has far-reaching effects not simply limited to your digestive system. It is also important for immune function and even mood disorders. So it actually stands to reason that it also has an effect on your endocrine health. And indeed it does!


Your gut health has a direct effect on estrogen. Estrogen is primarily made by your ovaries. It then circulates throughout your body making pit stops at your uterus, breasts and other organs. It then is sent to the liver where it is deactivated and then excreted out the body through your stool. This is healthy estrogen metabolism.  


When your gut microbiome is out of balance and parasitic bad bacteria takes over the digestive system, they produce an enzyme called beta-glucuronidase which reactivates estrogen in the gut. This then recirculates through the body as excess estrogen.


Infertility is associated with high levels of estrogen in both men and women. In men, this may manifest as low sperm count, gynecomastia (or man-boobs) and erectile dysfunction. Because estrogen is such an important hormone for women, we may experience symptoms such as bloating, breast tenderness and swelling, decreased sex drive, irregular menstrual periods, mood swings, weight gain, hair loss, cold hands and feet, fatigue, PMS and insomnia.


Another great way to support your gut microbiome is by drinking bone broth. Eat and drink with the seasons! Drink bone broth in the fall and winter and drink kombucha in the spring and summer.


Liver Detox

While there are many cleanses out there to help detoxify the body, my favorite way to detox is simply to harness the body’s own capacity to cleanse itself. The superstar organ of detoxifying hormones from the body is the Liver. So many patients at Acubalance are going through medicated cycles and liver support is always part of our treatment plan. Kombucha is high in glucaric acid which is beneficial to the Liver and supports its natural ability detoxify the body.


Check out my easy kombucha recipe with my favorite flavors such as:

  • Raspberry mint

  • Blueberry and basil

  • Cherry and vanilla bean


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