Famous Infertility- why it matters to hear that celebrities struggle to conceive.

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It's hard to relate to celebrities. The lavish parties, the expensive clothes and jewelry, insane private island getaways, cleaners, cooks, chauffeurs, the list goes on. And yet, naturally, we look for ways that 'the stars' are just like us. I'm pretty sure there's even a dedicated page in some gossip magazine that showcases celebrities eating pizza and going grocery shopping in an attempt make them more relatable.

Frankly, I don't care about seeing Beyoncé eating a hotdog (who are we kidding, she doesn't eat hotdogs) I care more about finding out what really connects us. Infertility. So when I saw an article on the topic, I thought I’d write a little blog about some of the celebrities who have openly shared their struggles to conceive.

I think that celebrities who are brave enough to share their stories of infertility do a lot more for their fans then just sticking to skincare and diet regiments. Infertility can be such an isolating struggle, hearing someone you feel like you know, someone who appears to have it all, talk about their struggles can really help dispel that feeling that you are alone in your struggle.

So, who has had struggles with infertility? More than I can list, but I’ll touch on some.
Here's a little list for you:

General infertility: Celine Dion: Has been very open about her struggle with infertility. After 5-failed IVF cycles and a public miscarriage, she became pregnant with triplets, losing one in utero and finally ending with the birth of her twins. Celine was a big advocate of Acupuncture during IVF , which she used to support her 6th IVF cycle.  

Mariah Carey also sought out Acupuncture along with IVF in order to conceive her twins Moroccan and Monroe.  (Reportedly Celine suggested Mariah try Acupuncture)

Kim Kardashian mentioned in a recent episode of KUWTK, that she had undergone two failed IVF cycles since the birth of her daughter. 

Brooke Shields, though more is written about her public struggles with Postpartum Depression, prior to getting pregnant, she suffered with infertility.

Courtney Cox told People Magazine, "I get pregnant pretty easily, but I have a hard time keeping them,"  

Surrogacy/gestational carrier: Guiliana Rancic’s fertility struggles with husband Bill were played out on their reality show. After conceiving their son via surrogate in 2012, they tried for a second, but were not successful. Due to the cancer treatment she underwent, they are no longer able to go through any more IVF pooling cycles and have used up their remaining embryos.  

Host Jimmy Fallon and his wife struggled with infertility for 5 years, and finally succeeded in having a child via surrogate.

Sarah Jessica Parker had twins via surrogacy after years of trying.

Adoption due to infertility Jackman and his wife opened up about their struggles to conceive. They shared that they had hoped to have some biological children as well as adopt, but after years of struggle, they decided they had had enough with IVF and went ahead with adoption. They have two children. 

Bill Klein and Jennifer Arnold from TLC’s The Little Couple, underwent multiple unsuccessful IVF cycles, and ended up adopting a son with dwarfism from China and a daughter who also has dwarfism from India.

Donor eggs: Most people are a little less open about donor eggs, but I am fairly certain that Janet Jackson used a donor egg and that there are many more celebrities doing the same. 

This is not meant to discount or lessen any personal difficulties you may be going through, it is only meant to highlight, that even with all of the money and support in the world, fertility struggles are very really and much more common than you may think. 


-Dr. Emilie Salomons Dr. TCM, ABORM, OBAAM, Doula
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picture source: http://www.thedailybeast.com/galleries/2012/07/05/justin-bieber-beyonce-more-celebrities-eating-hot-dogs-photos.html