Concussion: How Acupuncture can Help

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Concussions have garnered some attention in popular media in the last few year for several good reasons,  most notably, because the pain, loss of function, despair and hopelessness suffered by thousands of people every year is a big deal. Also, years of ignorance and denial about the far-reaching effects of brain injury, particularly in the arena of men’s sports, have finally caught up with us, and the real cost of this insidious issue has started to add up. After all, Justin Trudeau has even given a mandate to develop a Pan-Canadian Concussion Strategy to address what is widely considered to be an epidemic, especially among youth.


Rest after concussion is the primary recommendation of most doctors. Both physical and cognitive rest are essential in the period immediately after injury. Because the concussion is an injury of cognitive function, restriction of cognitive activity is the most important part, especially in the first few days. The brain, like any injured body part, will heal more quickly and efficiently if given the time and appropriate conditions. There should be no reading or schoolwork. In fact, even bright lights and too much complex sounds, such as music and conversation, need to be kept to a minimum. After a time, which varies based on severity of the injury, symptoms will decrease. However, this can take weeks and months, and many people find that even years later they are susceptible to dizziness and headaches.


This is where acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine can be used to great effect. As soon as the initial period of healing is over, and modified daily activities are resumed, adding acupuncture twice a week will speed recovery and reduce symptoms. In my practice, I also add Cranio-sacral therapy along with the needles to increase the efficacy of the acupuncture and decrease recovery time. These treatments can very quickly reduce pain and debility and help get you back to your normal functioning more quickly.


And as of May 2017 we also can combine laser acupucture (low level laser therapy - cold laser/LLLT) to your Acubalance sessions. More information on Lasers (LLLT).


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