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Laser Therapy in the Treatment of Autoimmune Diseases

Jun 17, 2018 | Allison Locke, R.TCM.P
The diagnosis of an autoimmune disease is undoubtedly a life-changing one.

Struggling with Inflammation? Try Photobiomodulation.

Jun 06, 2018 | Allison Locke, R.TCM.P
Would you believe me if I said inflammation is a natural, beneficial, and crucial part of the healing process?

Low Level Laser Therapy (Photobiomodulation), an Effective Treatment for Chronic Pain

May 29, 2018 | Allison Locke, R.TCM.P
According to a 2012 National Health Interview Survey, 25.3 million people, or 11% of the American population, suffer from chronic pain. It’s a disorder that can affect nearly every aspect of life, and is the number one reason for disability.

Neuropuncture for Anxiety and Depression - A Case Study

May 08, 2018 | Allison Locke, R.TCM.P
30% of all the people you saw today at work, school, on the bus, walking down the street, on television, and in a magazine are struggling with their mental health, whether it be anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, bipolar, schizophrenia, or PTSD. May 7th-13th is mental health week, and what better than to share a case study of a patient I’ve been working with, a young man who I will refer to as “Ryan”.

Laser Therapy Shown to Treat Autoimmune Thyroiditis

May 07, 2018 | Allison Locke, R.TCM.P
About 20 million Americans are diagnosed with a thyroid disease or disorder, affecting 1 in 8 women at some point in their lifetimes. So it’s easy to say we see a lot of patients here at Acubalance with imbalanced thyroid function. Chronic autoimmune thyroiditis is the most common cause of acquired hypothyroidism.

Evidence Shows Acupuncture as an Effective Treatment for Anxiety

Apr 03, 2018 | Allison Locke, R.TCM.P
Research suggests that up to 30% of the worldwide population suffers from some type of anxiety, ranging from mild symptoms such as changes in breathing and heart rate to full blown panic attacks. Anxiety is a complex disorder typically treated with prescription medications (benzodiazepines, serotonin re-uptake inhibitors (SSRI’s), tricyclic anti-depressents) and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Low Level Laser Therapy Treats Hair Loss and Alopecia

Mar 27, 2018 | Allison Locke, R.TCM.P
Whether due to autoimmune inflammation or bad genes, hair loss and alopecia can be an extremely uncomfortable and frustrating condition. The most common type of hair loss is androgenic alopecia (affecting up to 50% of the male population), and is commonly due to aging and genetics. There is also alopecia areata, an autoimmune inflammatory condition that causes “spot baldness” throughout the scalp.

Laser Therapy Shown to Improve Health of Endometrial Cells

Mar 21, 2018 | Allison Locke, R.TCM.P
At Acubalance we believe in a simple equation. Healthy sperm + healthy egg + healthy uterine environment = a healthy baby. Endometrial health and receptivity is crucial for the implantation process to occur whether in a natural pregnancy or in a pregnancy following any type of assisted reproductive technology (IUI, IVF).

Laser Therapy for Adhesive Capsulitis (Frozen Shoulder)

Mar 13, 2018 | Allison Locke, R.TCM.P
Frozen shoulder is a mysterious condition with a notoriously long healing process. Mysterious because the cause is most often not understood or identifiable, and a notoriously long healing process since the recovery process is slow and can often take anywhere from 18-24 months to regain range of motion and reduce pain.

Laser-Acupuncture for Knee Pain can Help You Get More Spring into Your Step!

Mar 06, 2018 | Allison Locke, R.TCM.P
Believe it or not we are officially into the 3rd month of 2018 and just two weeks away from Spring! The freezing cold temperatures and snowy, icy weather are (hopefully) beginning to thaw and give way to a beautiful West Coast Spring.